Year 4 and 5 pupils go wild at Longleat and Bristol Zoo

Pupils in Years 4 and 5 have been starting their new units, which included trips to Longleat Wild Life Park and Bristol Zoo.

As part their new IPC unit, Year 5 explored Longleat in order to gather research to create their very own visitor apps. The pupils started the day with a safari, where they spotted lions, giraffes, tigers and rhino from the safety of the coach. They also were very lucky to have the opportunity to meet the newest arrivals to the park, the koalas! They finished off the day with getting up close to a snake, a tarantula and an armadillo. Now that they’re back at school, the children have been working hard on their Longleat apps, which a visitor could use to find out more about what the attraction has to offer.

Pupils in Year 4 also visited Bristol Zoo as an introduction to their new topic ‘Land, Sea and Sky’. The pupils visited the Zoo to discover more about habitats, and had a wonderful time exploring the different areas; visiting the sleepy gorillas, the very smelly hippos and the flapping penguins! The children were fortunate to be able to take part in a workshop focused on comparing polar climates with coral reefs. The children loved holding the hissing cockroaches, stroking a milk snake and were fantastic at joining in discussions about how animals have adapted to their environment.