Tennis Programme

At Millfield Prep our aim is to produce healthy, capable and resilient young athletes with a robust set of technical skills for tennis, whilst providing opportunities for all levels of tennis participation and success. We currently have three players competing at national level, but at the same time our inclusive programme allows us to offer players of all levels and abilities the opportunity to play and enjoy the sport. 

Over 150 pupils are involved in the tennis programme and have the opportunity to access at least three squads per week (free of charge) irrespective of their ability. Anyone can book private lessons with one of our eight highly qualified coaches, in order to develop their technical skills and we provide lots of competitive opportunities, running both internal and external tournaments and match play in the winter terms alongside a very busy fixture list in the summer term. 

The coaching team is led by the Director of Tennis, Sarah Thomas (M.Ed) a former international, Level 5 Master Performance Coach and LTA Tutor. Our past pupils include Richard Gabb, Luke Hammond and Finn Bass who have all achieved International honours. Our facilities include seven hard courts (four with floodlights) and one indoor bubble. We have nine Astroturf courts for use during during the summer months and our top squads access the three Senior School indoor courts for their training.