• Millfield Biology lesson with microscopes
  • Millfield A level Sixth Form Biology lesson with microscopes
  • Millfield biology class field work
  • Millfield Biology experiment
  • Millfield Biology lesson in the field
  • Millfield Biology lesson
  • Millfield biology class field work
  • Millfield biology field work
  • Millfield GCSE Biology lesson dissection

Biology at Millfield is very ‘hands-on’. We believe in doing as much practical-based study as possible in our well-resourced and state of the art laboratories. Pupils are encouraged to conduct experiments to learn new concepts and ideas by observation. Our approach develops their ability to evaluate and relate to previously learned principles – a biologist’s foremost skill.

Courses offered

  • GCSE Combined Science (Biology component)
  • GCSE Biology
  • AS level Biology
  • A level Biology

All pupils study Biology to GCSE level.

The department has a wealth of resources to engage pupils in the wonder of the living world. Our 13 teaching laboratories have recently been refurbished to the highest standard and there are also stocked prep rooms, greenhouses, a library and archive of preserved organisms. Our 13 dedicated and inspiring teaching staff make excellent use of these resources and our beautiful campus to create an exciting, dynamic and illuminating learning environment.

Enrichment and Trips:

We run a variety of extra-curricular activities to foster a love of biology and the natural world, including clubs, trips and competitions. Upper Sixth pupils take part in a field work exercise on the Somerset Levels where they investigate the effect of using nitrate fertilisers on the biodiversity of fields as well as learning some fundamental ecology skills. In addition, we hold an annual Biology Symposium, where Sixth Form pupils enjoy lectures and take part in workshops from a number of prominent researchers, professors and scientists to further expand and explore their interests in the field.