• Millfield GCSE Business lesson
  • Millfield A level Business lesson
  • Millfield Tenner Challenge

    Winners of the Tenner Challenge 2018

  • Millfield GCSE Business lesson
  • Millfield Business studies talk workshop
  • Millfield GCSE Business lesson
  • Millfield Business trip
  • Millfield Business trip to Clarks Village
  • Millfield pupils at the Frost Fayre

    Securities and Investments City Trip

  • Millfield Business talk workshop
  • Millfield Business trip to Thatchers
  • Millfield Business talk
  • Millfield Business trip
  • Millfield Business talk
  • Millfield Year 10 Business Enterprise Competition

    Year 10 Business Competition

  • Millfield Business lesson

Business Studies is an inspiring subject which allows pupils to relate their classroom theory and concepts to the real world. It is a dynamic subject which continually changes within the business environment. The course aims to blend academic rigor with the development of key skills such as team working, problems solving, research and evaluation.

Business Studies complements many other courses and is attractive to employers as the skills learnt are useful in many different careers such as marketing, accountancy, sales and consultancy to name a few. It also enables budding entrepreneurs to capitalise on their ‘business brains’ and put their ideas into action by learning how to set up their own business.

The Department is made up of 14 teachers, from a mix of commercial backgrounds, providing a dynamic, interactive learning environment with varied teaching and learning strategies.

Courses offered:

Pupils studying Business will have access to lots of extra-curricular activities including:

  • Tycoons in School National Competition
  • BASE Competition
  • Tenner Challenge
  • Student Investor Challenge
  • Coca-Cola Real Business Challenge
  • Business Enterprise Days 
  • Numerous enterprise Flash Challenges throughout the year
  • Launching and running their own businesses
  • Business Enterprise Christmas market stalls

We run a number of Business trips throughout the year incuding visits to local businesses, Business in Action in London and an international trip to Japan.

The department brings business to life through external speakers and workshops at the school.