Learning Support Centre

  • Millfield pupils in Learning Support Centre lesson
  • Millfield pupils in Learning Support Centre lesson
  • Millfield pupils in Learning Support Centre lesson
  • Millfield pupils in Learning Support Centre lesson
  • Millfield pupil in Learning Support Centre lesson


Our aim is to develop each child's individual abilities and talents and a balanced, all-round education is at the heart of our philosophy. Millfield chooses to use the more inclusive term Additional Educational Needs (AEN) as an alternative to SEN. Pupils with AEN are welcomed into Millfield assuming they will be able, with reasonable adjustment, to access the mainstream curriculum on offer. 
Millfield, as an independent school, is not bound to follow the SEND Code of Practice but operates with close reference to it to ensure best practice.  

We offer a tiered approach to Study Support for students with Additional Educational Needs (AEN), dependent on individual needs. Many of our students with AEN are able to work fairly independently and may only need occasional access to the LSC to seek guidance and support. Others will require more intensive support, and this can be timetabled into their weekly academic programme. Adjustments can be made to the curriculum, dependent on need, and all students are supported through teachers who are trained and experienced in Quality First teaching and supporting students with AEN.

Lower School LSC support

The LSC offers timetabled support to pupils with AEN in the lower school whose academic programmes permit. Pupils either come to the LSC for support instead of studying as language in Year 9, or alongside their GCSE options in Years 10 and 11. Most pupils select support in place of a GCSE option to ensure there is enough time to make use of the facilities during their day, but for those who have a full academic programme, support is offered at lunchtimes and evening workshops.

Our team of experienced teachers deliver Study Support to small groups, where we cover areas such as learning styles, revision strategies and examination techniques. Within the Year 9 Study Support lessons there is a focus on literacy skills, grammar and punctuation. In Years 10 and 11, more emphasis is placed on supporting pupils with their individual GCSE subject choices and helping them develop skills to encourage and support independent learning.

Sixth Form LSC Support

In the Sixth Form we continue to support students with AEN in small groups; these sessions are timetabled in a pupil’s private study periods. Identified students will attend the LSC at least once a week. They receive information and advice on topics such as generic study skills, including planning and organising assignments, exam skills and revision techniques. This supports their independent study in an environment that is conducive to quiet work. They may take advantage to practise using specialised software and learning tools. Each pupil’s LSC Study Support teacher will also help them to structure and write their individual SMART targets to ensure these are inclusive of their subjects and needs.

For those students who may only need occasional access to the LSC to seek guidance and support, we have lunchtime workshops, which are staffed by LSC Study Support teachers. 

In the Upper Sixth we also offer assistance with writing personal statements for university applications.

Exam Access Arrangements

Students who meet the examination boards’ criteria for access arrangements may be eligible for additional time, a reader, a scribe or the use of a word-processor. These access arrangements must be supported by an up-to-date assessment and must also be supported by school-based evidence to demonstrate the need.

Individual Support

Where small group support is insufficient to meet a pupil’s needs, we are able to offer 1:1 tuition with an experienced tutor. These sessions will usually take place during private study periods. There is an additional charge for these sessions.