GCSE Results

With an average size of typically 230 in Year 11, Millfield has a much larger number of candidates sitting GCSEs than that of other independent schools.

For that reason we publish results figures that reflect both our whole pupil cohort (an average across a wide ability range) and our Top 100 highest achieving candidates. When looking at our Top 100, the results show that this group regularly produce grades which compare extremely well with highly selective schools.

 GCSE Results 2018 - all pupils

9-7 or A*- A grade 47.6%
9-5 or A*- B grade 82.1%
9-4 or  A*- C grade 93.3%




 GCSE Results 2018 - Top 100 pupils
9-7 or  A*- A grade   78.1% 
9-5 or A*- B grade 98.0%
9-4 or  A*- C grade 99.8%