University Destinations

Millfield has a strong track record in supporting pupils in their decision-making on which university or college is best for them. 

Our Careers & Higher Education Department is resourced to provide guidance to meet individual aspirations, whatever a pupil’s ambitions, whether it is Oxbridge, Russell Group, specialist colleges, American or other colleges and international universities. 

University Destinations – 2018

In 2018, a total of 55 pupils gained places to study at 19 out of the 24 prestigious Russell Group universities. Typically our leavers apply for a range of academic and vocational courses and this year was no exception. Places were secured at 70 different universities in the UK and a further 21 universities and colleges in North America, including Dartmouth College, Syracuse and Duke University. Overall, 82% of our leavers received confirmed university places after leaving Millfield, with the other 18% going direct into employment, playing professional sport or taking a gap year. Historically between 5-10% of our leavers make successful post-results applications via Millfield whilst on their gap year.

In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number of applicants from Millfield to overseas universities, in particular USA and Canadian universities. Millfield provides specialist guidance for applications to American universities and employs a Tutor in Charge, a SAT advisor and a Virginian Fellow. They ensure candidates get the best possible advice and are guided throughout the process. Millfield is also one of few SAT centres in the UK which means that pupils do not need to leave the campus to take their SAT entry exam.