University Destinations

Millfield has a strong track record in supporting pupils in their decision-making on which university or college is best for them. 

Our Careers & Higher Education Department is resourced to provide guidance to meet individual aspirations, whatever a pupil’s ambitions, whether it is Oxbridge, Russell Group, specialist colleges, American or other colleges and international universities. 

University Destinations – 2019

In 2019, a record 79 Millfield leavers confirmed places into Russell Group universities. An additional 21 leavers achieved places at Times Top 30 institutions not in the Russell Group; including Bath, Loughborough, Surrey and Royal Holloway. The most popular Russell Group choices this year were Nottingham, Exeter, Cardiff, Newcastle and Bristol.

Twenty-nine of our leavers won places at North American universities, including Washington University in St. Louis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and University of California, Davis; 11 of them achieved a mixture of academic and sporting scholarships, including swimming, track and field, tennis, golf, football and rugby. Millfield provides specialist guidance for applications to American universities and employs a Tutor in Charge, a SAT advisor and a Virginian Fellow. They ensure candidates get the best possible advice and are guided throughout the process. Millfield is also one of few SAT centres in the UK which means that pupils do not need to leave the campus to take their SAT entry exam. Further afield, places were also won at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Melbourne.

Our leavers have always applied to a wide range of traditional and vocational courses, and this year was no exception. As ever, the most favoured were social science-related courses, with business, economics and finance the most popular, and three leavers winning places at the prestigious PWC Flying Start degree programme at Newcastle University. Sport Sciences are also a popular choice, and many leavers opted for joint courses such as Sport Management. Our creative arts pupils applied for a variety of courses, ranging from fine art and history of art to fashion design, visual communication and architecture. The sciences were also well-represented, including degree courses in medicine, veterinary medicine, medicinal chemistry, biosciences and engineering in its various forms.

Every year we encourage all pupils to apply to UCAS prior to leaving Millfield, if only to ‘have a go’, be ambitious and see what is available. This year 86% of our leavers applied to UCAS, with the remainder taking a gap year and making post results day applications, applying overseas or direct into creative arts-based courses, or else going straight into employment or sport. All pupils who do not have any career or HE plans are offered 1:1 specialist careers advice before leaving Millfield and are supported by the Careers Department and the OM Society after they leave.