Boarding & Day

All pupils, whether boarding or day, will experience a warm and supportive atmosphere in their selected house.

Their house is the place where most pupils make longlasting friendships and receive the support and guidance of a team of dedicated staff to guide them through their time at the school. Each house has a Housemaster or Housemistress (HsM), an Assistant HsM, a team of non-resident tutors and a matron.

Millfield's multicultural history celebrated at 2019 International Dinner
Millfield’s multicultural history celebrated at 2019 International Dinner Read more
Pupils in Year 9 had the chance to explore underground caves and gorges around Somerset as part of the Nine at Millfield programme. Year 9 pupils explore Cheddar Gorge and go caving at Goatchurch Cavern
Year 9 pupils showed their grit and teamwork during an autumnal weekend camping on the grounds on various boarding houses around the Millfield camp Year 9 pupils show resilience during autumnal outdoor camps