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    Housemistress of Overleigh

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Girls' Day House

Housemistress: Alice Brade
Assistant Housemistress: Tanya Baughan
Matrons: Anne-Marie Conneely, Juliet Bowers, Donna Chick and Christina Bix
Group Tutors: David Landrock, David Trevis, Anna Maddock, Terry Bull and Talitha Crouch

Contacts: Tel. 01458 444168 (classroom)/ 01458 444139 (house office)
Email: brade.a@millfieldschool.com

Overleigh is one of two girls' Day houses in the school. Located behind the dining hall, the house is a place for girls to spend time before and after school and during breaks in the day. There are plenty of areas to relax, space to study and a kitchen area to make tea and toast. We have four matrons who we share with The Lakes, the other girls' Day house. The matrons, Anne-Marie, Chrissy, Donna and Juliet are always available to help and advise girls in house, provide plentiful snacks and they can also generally supply almost anything from spare trainers and uniform to hair clips! The house also has changing and shower facilities and each girl has their own locker to store possessions during the day.

Overleigh girls are known to be very confident and among our number are many excellent musicians, sportswomen and academics. On the hockey pitch we are a force to be reckoned with and the Overleigh girls will always turn their hands willingly to house events and matches. The standard of the girls is reflected by the fact that we regularly have a good number of school prefects within our ranks.

Alice is the Housemistress, having taken up this position in 2010. She teaches Biology, plays tenor saxophone and enjoys horse riding, swimming and walking when off duty. Tanya is the Assistant Housemistress, and she is also a teacher in the Business Studies Department.