Positive Education

  • Millfield day pupils

Central to any school’s ethos must be a belief in the inherent goodness in all people and the desire to support each young person as they explore their humanity. During their time at Millfield, pupils are at different stages of their development; emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. Our well established curriculum and community of outstanding teachers and coaching staff, houseparents, assistant houseparents, group tutors and heads of year ensure that each pupil’s academic and personal development is at the heart of the school.

It is important to renew the focus of our personal development programmes to ensure we prepare individuals for the dynamic, competitive and global workplace of the 21st century. Our Positive Education programme draws on leading UK and overseas personal development research. It is underpinned by our investment in staff professional development, ensuring that the understanding of adolescent development is central to those teaching Positive Education.

The Positive Education booklet describes how the development of literacy around personal, social and emotional progress will establish young people; equipping them with the skills, knowledge and resilience to meet future change and transitions with confidence, excitement and success.