Equestrians go on safari on horseback in South Africa

In the first week of the holidays a group of 12 riders travelled to South Africa to enjoy a week of culture, fresh air and safari. The group arrived at a beautiful game lodge where they were able to ride out on horseback in small groups every day to spot animals such as giraffe, zebra, ostrich and crocodiles.

They then visited an elephant sanctuary where they learnt how intelligent these incredible animals are through watching them being trained by their keepers before enjoying an elephant ride through the African bush. The group also had the rare treat of seeing rhino close up on a game drive.

The trip also included playing some fun games of polocrosse, where their hosts got to see Millfield’s competitive spirit in action. The week finished with a tournament and then a swim in the dam with the horses to cool off.

A real highlight of the trip was visiting a local orphanage, which is home to 65 children from the local township. Millfield equestrians took lots of donations, played with the children and came away feeling inspired to continue supporting charities and those in need on their return.