Inspiring speakers at 11th annual OM Careers Convention

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Twenty four former pupils returned to Millfield to share their knowledge and experience in their respective fields as part of the OM Careers Convention, which is in its 11th year. 

OMs from a variety of fields, including the armed forces, law, journalism and engineering spoke to Lower Sixth pupils about their time since leaving school and their career journeys. The professionals also offered their advice and answered questions in a selection of seminars and a Q&A session, where pupils could explore particular pathways further.

Highlights included an insightful presentation from digital marketing entrepreneur OM Andrew Foyle (1984-89; Keen’s Elm) and OM Naomi Crawford’s (1994-96; Acacia) seminar on investment banking.

The Q&A session was also particularly enlightening, with speakers giving bespoke advice to pupils about dealing with setbacks and challenges early on in their careers, as well as encouraging them to make the most of their time and connections while at Millfield.

See the full list of speakers and topics below:

Capt Anthony Kirkham (2002-2004; Etonhurst)

Armed forces - Army

Guy Lewin (1969-1974; St   Anne’s)


Anne Blake


Emma MacDonald (1984-1986; Day)

Entrepreneur -  Food Industry

Andrew Foyle (1984-1989; Keen’s Elm)

Entrepreneur - Social Media

Chloë Warren (2006-2011; The Lakes)

Events Management

Kyle Williams (2000-2005; Day)

Investment Banking 

Naomi Crawford (1994-1996; Acacia)

Investment Banking 

Martin Stevens (1987-1990; Day)

Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

Piers Doggart (1983-1987; Millfield)

Law: Barrister

Nick Ames (1997-2002; Orchards)

Law: Solicitor

Dan Winch (1996-1998; Day)

Media & Television Production

John Hughes (1973-1978; Hornblotton)


Sophie Williams (2002-2007; Day)


Ben Millar (2012-2014); Great House)


Harriet King (1992-1997; Warner)

Politics: Diplomat

Richard Exley (1981-1984; Chindit)

Property: Chartered Surveyor

Professor Patrick Jordan (1980-1985; Day)


Vicki Nobles (1966*-75; Day)

Public Relations

Sophie Thomas (2005-2007; Martins)

Sport: Sports Coordinator

Lauren Mayer (2002 – 2004; Abbey)

Teaching - primary

Nicola Goscomb (1999 – 2004; Martins)

Teaching - primary

Duncan Armour

Biomedical Research and Development

Aimee Coelho