Millfield pupils bring rugby to Indian school

During the Christmas holidays two Millfield brothers, one current and one former pupil, spent two days at Gairatpurbaas Panchayat School coaching rugby, where Millfield Rugby also donated rugby balls for the visit.

OM Tom Wood (Holmcroft; 2016-17) has previously travelled in South Africa and Botswana coaching rugby supported by Millfield and used these skills to teach rugby to pupils from the Indian school, assisted by his brother Ollie and sister, Gemma. 

The local children had never played rugby before and started the session by watching a match on TV before enthusiastically learning the basics on the pitch in the afternoons.

The Headmistress and Games Master of Gairatpurbaas Panchayat School are keen to keep these rugby sessions going and hopefully Tom, Oliver and Gemma will go back in the Easter Holidays to continue their good work.

Tom Wood commented, “It was a fantastic opportunity to help spread the game of rugby but importantly also the values the game promotes; respect and honesty. The children’s enthusiasm and curiosity for this strange game made it an incredibly enjoyable experience, one that will be repeated in the near future.”