Outstanding scores in SAT examinations

  • Outstanding scores in SAT examinations

Nine Millfield pupils who undertook the March SAT examination at Millfield’s SAT Centre have achieved scores in the top 10% of those who took the exam globally.

Notable results include Lower Sixth pupil Jimmy Cheng, whose score of 1510/1600 puts him in the top 1% of the world and is Millfield’s highest score to date.

Other pupils who scored in the 90th representative percentile include: Lower Sixth pupils Katherine Haselton, Julien Ho, Diketso Karas, Ian Lauritzen, David Chang, Sophia Wilson and Kiera Bainsfair and Upper Sixth pupil Candice Lam.

Forty-two Millfield pupils undertook the March SAT at Millfield, which has a notable reputation for supporting pupils in applying to North American universities. Millfield is one of few SAT centres in the UK, which means that pupils do not need to leave the campus to take their SAT entry exam. The school also employs a designated Tutor in charge of applications to American Universities, as well as an SAT advisor and a Virginian Fellow, a recent graduate from the University of Virginia.

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