Pupils trek through Icelandic Highlands on summer expedition

During the first week of the holidays a strong team of Millfield pupils travelled to Iceland to complete the world famous Laugavegur trek through the Icelandic Highlands. The trail is renowned for its diverse volcanic landscape, where each day is entirely different to another.

Reaching the trail head in Landmannalauger was a challenge in its own right, requiring a 3-hour drive in a specialist Jeep to negotiate the lave fields and glacial rivers on route. Once underway on the trail the team passed numerous steaming vents and rainbow coloured ground which had been formed by the heat of the volcanic activity in the area. As we climbed higher it soon became apparent that there was sill a lot of late laying winter snow remaining on the trail which together with the ice-cold river crossings made for a very challenging trek.

On the final day of the expedition the team opted to take on the additional challenge of climbing up to the 2010 eruption sight of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which closed European air space for a number of days. This involved a steep technical climb with over 900 vertical meters of ascent, crossing a distance of 30km.

One pupil described the trip as a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one that you cannot explain without visiting.