Top performances in Advanced UK Linguistics Olympiad

Three Millfield pupils have scored in the top 25 percent of the country in the Advanced UK Linguistics Olympiad challenge, which was hosted at Millfield.

Pupils from a range of year groups took part in the challenge, with Year 11 Yuhka Machino scoring beyond 90% in the challenge to achieve a silver award, scoring in the top 15 percent of the country, and Upper Sixth pupils Rocky Li and Katie Maddock achieving bronze awards, scoring in the top 25% of the country.

The competition, which is similar to other academic Olympiad challenges, presents the pupils with a language that they have not studied before. They must draw on their knowledge of ancient languages such as Latin to solve linguistic data problems.

Pupils at Millfield take part in a range of academic challenges and Olympiads throughout the year, including in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.