Year 7 Board the Concorde

  • Year 7 Millfield Prep Pupil in the Concorde Cockpit

Year 7 pupils spent the day at the Aerospace Museum in Bristol, gaining useful knowledge to aid their dragster technology project, as well as finding all sorts of information about the history of flight and design in the local area.

Pupils were lucky enough to spend time in Concorde and experience what it was like inside the aircraft and in the cockpit. Pupils learned all about how Concorde works; how the air is sucked into the engine, the sorts of speeds which it travelled (1350mph), how the nose cone moves to help with landing and why a ‘boom’ sound happens as it flies over. All staff were impressed with the pupils' thirst for knowledge, with intelligent questions being asked by many. Understanding quite how fast the plane travelled really hit home when pupils were told that if they were flying on Concorde, they could get to travel to New York from London in three hours and that they could travel from the museum back to Millfield in a single minute!

Whilst in the Museum of Flight, Year 7 were able to see how and where flight began, including how many engines throughout the years have been built in Bristol. There were useful videos about planes in both World Wars, and as well as example planes and helicopters to look at. Pupils were fascinated by the development of the Harrier Jump Jet and its near vertical take-off.

Moving into the future and rocket design, pupils contemplated the thoughts of space exploration and started looking at materials and properties which were being considered for these air crafts. In the workshop sessions, pupils looked at material properties and were introduced to several composite materials. Year 7 were then set a challenge to create their own composite material which would be strong enough to support 3kg. There were various combinations using creative thinking, with some pupils exceeding the 3kg weight challenge!

The pupils learnt so much and had some energetic conversations about the day on the bus back to school.