Key Academic Information - Year 9

2019 - 2020

Autumn Term

  • Start of Year Service (Friday 13 September)
  • International Pupils' Association Welcome Dinner (Tuesday 17 September)
  • Literacy screening for all Year 9
  • Half-term report (grades only)
  • House Song (Tuesday 22 October)
  • Concert and parents' meeting with Year 9 group tutors (Wednesday 23 October)
  • Parents’ Carol Service/Year 9 Annual Service (Tuesday 26 November)
  • Festival of Languages (Thursday 14 November)
  • Carol Service (Thursday 5 December)
  • End of term report

Spring Term

  • Discussions with Year 9 pupils about Year 10/11 options
  • Review of AEN / exam arrangement assessment
  • Careers: Morrisby Profile assessment (Part 1)
  • Languages Oscars Night (Friday 7 February)
  • Half-term report
  • Science Week (w/c 9 March)
  • Presentation to Year 9 parents on Year 10/11 options (Friday 27 March)
  • Parents’ meeting with Year 9 subject tutors - final day of term (Friday 27 March)
  • Year 10/11 options - 'Year 10/11 Courses' booklet and choices form available. Form to be submitted after the Easter holiday

Summer Term

  • Return of Year 10/11 options form - first week of term
  • Summer Celebration and Prize-giving - final day of the first half-term (Saturday 23 May)
  • End of year internal examinations - pre and post half-term break
  • End of term report 
  • Textbooks to be returned to the issuing department by the end of term


1) Academic Trips, Visits, Exchanges and Fieldwork

A number of trips, visits, exchanges and fieldwork activities take place throughout Year 9 which support pupils’ academic studies. Where necessary, parents will be given as much notification as possible of the precise dates of these activities.

2) Summer term internal examinations

These internal examinations are an important opportunity for pupils and teachers to gauge levels of progress. Pupils are strongly advised to prepare for these internal examinations as fully as possible to ensure that they are in a position to perform to their potential.
Appropriate revision during the preceding half-term break is strongly advised to consolidate the work covered during the academic year. Parents are encouraged to make any holiday arrangements with this firmly in mind. The outcomes from these examinations will be one strand of evidence which will inform Year 10/11 options and setting decisions in Year 10.

3) Reporting

Reports are provided at the end of each term and at half-term in the autumn and spring terms. The report at the end of the summer term is a full booklet. The reports at the end of the autumn and spring terms are A4 summary sheets. The spring half-term summary reports will list grades and may include some subject tutor comments. Reporting sessions are used by group tutors and Housemasters/Housemistresses to closely monitor pupil performance and progress. Parents are contacted as appropriate following reporting sessions if a pupil is not meeting academic expectations.

4) Year 9 Programme

As part of the Year 9 programme, pupils will be involved in a series of activities and trips throughout the year:

 Monday 2 SeptemberInduction Day
 Friday 6 SeptemberNine at Millfield Cornwall Camp
 Sunday 10 NovemberNine at Millfield Outdoor Adventure Day
 Sunday 19 JanuaryNine at Millfield Outdoor Adventure Day
 Sunday 3 MayNine at Millfield Expedition (Keen's Elm and Millfield)
 Sunday 17 MayNine at Millfield Expedition (Acacia and Ivythorn)
 Mon 15 - Fri 19 JuneNine at Millfield Summer Camp

Parents will be advised of further activities/dates upon confirmation.