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School Transport

Parents are requested to arrange all travel requirements initially through their Housemasters or Housemistresses (HsMs).

Weekend Exeats

Services available for weekend exeats are from Castle Cary Station at approximately 8.30pm on Sunday evening. Timing is determined according to the arrival of the train departing Paddington at around 6.57pm. Seats are limited to 30 on a 'first-come, first-served basis' by Thursday of each week. If no requests have been received by then all station transport will be cancelled at that point. (Fare: £5.00 payable on booking - no refund).

Boarders should inform HsMs of their travel requirements by Wednesday evening if at all possible. HsMs will organise all administration including ticket requests in conjunction with the Travel Office. In the first instance parents should contact HsMs with concerns and queries regarding their child's exeat travel arrangements. Of course all parents or guardians are required to confirm the exeat with HsMs.

End of Half Term and End of Term Transport
(except the end of the Summer Term and beginning of the Autumn Term)

Coach to Countess Services (Amesbury, Wiltshire), Fleet Services (Fleet, Hampshire), Old Deer Park (Richmond, Surrey) and Bayswater (London W2 4RT). The fare each way is £21.00, £22.00, £23.00 and £25.00 respectively. Coach to Bristol Temple Meads Station (not Bath) The fare is £9.00 each way. Coach, Minibus or taxis to airports according to demand. Fares are according to amount of travellers.

Three weeks prior to the end of a half term or end of term the Travel Office issues a book of request forms to each House indicating a deadline date of one week prior to travel (ie. the penultimate Wednesday in a half/end of term).

Those wishing to use the Travel Office for transfers to airports, station or the coach services to Bayswater and intermediate stops, or any return transport after the school holidays, must ensure their requests are given to their HsMs by the Wednesday evening prior to the deadline date. The majority of pupils are able to inform their HsMs of their travel requests, however in some instances clarification might be needed from parents.

When all Boarding House requests are received, the Travel Office then process and return all tickets, transport lists and schedules to the House by Tuesday evening of the last week of the half/end of term. All transport is then finalised no later than Thursday at noon. Most pupils depart on allocated transport on the Friday evening or other such time as arranged. Transport can be arranged for the Saturday morning if the need arises but this will usually be taxis.

If you have any enquiries please contact Jane Dykes on 01458 444351 or email dykes.j@millfieldschool.com

Minibus Service

More information about our enhanced bus service, launching in September 2019, will be posted here soon.

Millfield has a fleet of eight minibuses which provides an extensive transportation service to both our Senior and Prep Schools for our day pupils.

We employ experienced drivers to pick up pupils at a variety of convenient and safe pick-up points. The service is reliable, efficient, value for money and an environmentally friendly way to travel.

All buses run Monday to Saturday inclusive. Please note that all buses take both Millfield Prep and Millfield pupils. We have introduced return runs on four of our routes – Bath/Frome, Farrington Gurney, Highbridge/Wedmore and Taunton/Bridgwater.

Currently there are a limited number of spaces on most routes. If there is no availability on your required route, we are able to take names to put on waiting lists if this is acceptable.

Half a term's notice is required when withdrawing a child from the service. The minimum age for a child to be accepted on the service is 5 years old.

Please note that the minibus does not run on the first school day of the Autumn Term each year.

If you would like to enquire further about the minibus service please contact Jane Dykes on 01458 444351 or email dykes.j@millfieldschool.com