'Pedals': our guiding principles and beliefs in sport

  • The 'P' defines our belief in being purpose led – in ensuring that the reputation and opportunity at Millfield can genuinely help us become the voice for sport in education. We will always seek to be traditionally different by testing new and emerging ideas in youth development through sport. We constantly try and test new and growing sports and activities, e.g. parkour, triathlon, women’s football, that will engage those who have not previously found their passion through sport.
  • The 'E' defines our belief in ensuring all sport engages the pupil regardless of ability, to provide a stimulus for curiosity in learning in how to be better every day through sport. We do this by providing a diverse sporting programme of at least 40 different sports multiple times throughout the week that include invasion sports and games, e.g. rugby, netball, basketball, hockey, polo; centimetre, grams and second sports (CGS), e.g. swimming, athletics, triathlon, cycling, show jumping; target sports, e.g. shooting; striking; net / wall / racquet sports, e.g. squash, tennis, badminton; target and combat sports, e.g. karate, fencing, golf; artistic / gymnastic / aesthetic sports, e.g. dance, trampolining, dressage; fielding and striking sports, e.g. cricket; as well as numerous outdoor adventures from sailing, downhill mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, Duke of Edinburgh's Award; and health and fitness opportunities through formal classes and gym.
  • The 'D' defines our belief in development over winning at all times. The evidence informs us about the non-linear, dynamic and unpredictable nature of development, we therefore seek to provide programmes that can respond to this challenge by providing a diverse range of coaching experiences with internal coaches and external networks.
  • The 'A' defines our belief in being aspirational and ensuring the experience of development through sport continues to stretch and challenge everyone involved regardless of ability and purpose for engagement. We recognise that in the changing landscape of national and international sport we need to be dynamic and adapt our approach to supporting those pupils who have the talent and hunger to pursue a career in sport either as a participant or as a coach, administrator or practitioner. Sport is more than just playing at Millfield – we seek to raise awareness about the opportunities for anyone who has a passion for sport.
  • The 'L' defines our belief in being learner and pupil centred. We believe in the values outlined by the UN Convention for the Child which have formed the basis of youth sport in other successful societies. Being learner centred means applying the evidence about what we understand about development through sport. One significant element of this is ensuring we provide a multi-sport experience through the development years avoiding the perils of early specialisation where it is not essential.
  • The 'S' defines our belief in recognising the social value of sport for many who partake. The skill to connect with others in a team environment, to provide a platform that can support learning in other domains by developing the psychological characteristics which underpin excellence, e.g. commitment, coping, self-organisation, have been shown to translate to prepare pupils for life, not just sport. Often, this will include pupils taking more ownership and responsibility in leading their sport and providing a voice on how sport can be developed within the school.